Our Kit BIO

Pasta alla Norma

It is the Sicilian recipe par excellence appreciated all over the world.

Spaghetti alla Eoliana

The scent and flavor of the Aeolian islands and the Mediterranean. A fragrance that comes directly from nature.

Busiate alla Trapanese

A simple and tasty recipe, with precious ingredients and high nutritional value.

the ingredients of ours KIT BIO


We only use tomatoes from organic and certified crops.

Extra virgin olive oil

The oil present in the kits is strictly organic and subjected to various quality tests that certify its goodness.

Red garlic

Coming from a very particular area of Sicily, Nubia, where the sun has done its job, and the earth has given us a ruby red garlic with an unmistakable flavor.


Organic almonds, to always give you the best of our land.

Ricotta Salata

From the Ragusano plateau, our ricotta present in the Pasta alla Norma, it undergoes several checks, to bring you the original taste of our land.


Violetta variety, rigorously selected and certified organic, offers an intense flavor that goes perfectly with our idea of healthy and tasty food.


Selected and cut by hand, with refined taste and organoleptic characteristics that create a unique product in the world, envied by all.


An unmistakable smell, which inebriates and fills the house, but above all completes our recipe Spaghetti alla Eoliana


From the heart of the Aeolian islands, they are present in our recipe Spaghetti alla Eoliana, in two different sizes, to give the dish the unique flavor of the Sicilian tradition