“Spaghetti alla Eoliana”

Origins and history of the recipe


The main feature of the Aeolian cuisine is the constant and wise use of the fragrant herbs that fill every dish with fragrance, with hidden sensations, with natural fragrances: rosemary, oregano, basil, garlic, olives, mint combined with the peel of the green lemons, with the cherry tomatoes and of course to the prince of all the ingredients: the caper.

The main ingredient of each Aeolian course, as in antiquity, is the caper, whose cultivation is favored by an optimal climate, light wind and little humidity. Capers do not require any fertilization or treatment, always thanks to the ideal environment in which they develop. It is between May and August that they are collected, ready to embellish spring and summer dishes. The caper is called the emblem of the Aeolian Islands, tasting it with a slice of freshly baked bread is a pleasure, even more if caressed by the island breeze.

In the past, capers were used to solve some health problems, including high blood pressure and toothache. In addition, they stimulate appetite. The first to mention them were Aristotle, Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder.

Each dish, typical of the Archipelago, is fragrant, a real explosion of aromas and flavors. Nothing is left to chance, the sense of smell, sight and palate are conquered. The ancient origins of this kitchen have undergone various influences over time which, to date, emerge in every preparation. The result is amazing, the heritage of this island is invaluable.

The recipe for Aeolian Spaghetti contains flavors and history. The products to make it: olives, capers, oregano, garlic, chilli and datterino tomatoes are made from the earth, simple but rich in taste.

It is not just any dish, at every bite we rediscover the authenticity and importance of popular maritime and peasant traditions.


The packaging and its contents

The Ingredients


From the heart of the Aeolian islands, they are present in our recipe Spaghetti alla Eoliana, in two different sizes, to give the dish the unique flavor and aroma of the Sicilian tradition.


We only use tomatoes from organic and certified crops.


Selected and cut by hand, with refined taste and organoleptic characteristics that create a unique product in the world, envied by all.


Famous all over the world, the spaghetti in our recipe are a mix of tradition and quality, made with ancient grains of Russello variety, without added glyphosates


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